kind of saffron

Kind of Persian Saffron

Iranian saffron is becoming more and more popular all around the world and is recognized as the finest saffron quality. Persian saffron has been known for its excellence and taste. Even though a few Iranian provinces are active in saffron cultivation, Persian saffron consists of more than 90 percent of the total saffron supply, all around the world. Currently, Persian saffron is being exported to more than 53 countries around the world. Here, we continue to present different types of Iranian saffron, in brief.



Negin saffron is quite similar to Super Negin Saffron—it is the strand section of the stigma. The only difference is that it still contains a little part of the yellow style. This cut has the same applications as Super Negin but will be less potent.


2-Super Negin

Super Negin Saffron is the most valuable type of saffron as the threads are perfectly trimmed, there’s no yellow colour, and no crumbs either. This premium saffron consists of the main strand and is extremely fragrant. This variety of saffron is most potent and works best for brewing teas or as a therapeutic agent for your skin. The second name for Super is Pushali Negin Saffron.



The Sargol is the short and chubby section at the very top of the stigma that contains some crumbs. This is completely red in colour and works great in its powdered form. Most commonly, Sargol is popular in cooking due to its colouring properties. It is ideal for everyday use and in restaurants because it offers great aroma and colour.



Poshal is the least expensive for option among all Persian saffron varieties. Because it only contains that yellow and orange base of the stigma (this part of the flower is called the style)