——— About Us ———

About Us:

Javid Trading Company started its activities in the field of imports and exports in 2004 and continues its operations as a holding company by establishing multiple companies in different countries including Oman and Spain. It is worth mentioning that Javid Trading Company represents many of the world’s best brands in various countries.

After nearly 20 years of operation, this company has achieved great success in importing and exporting various products in different fields. We claim that we can provide these products to our valued customers with the best quality and competitive prices in the shortest possible time.

We have always prioritized customer satisfaction, so we always choose the best and highest quality products for our target market.

Products in Dermaline:

Dermaline products include various types of lifting threads, fillers, gels, mesogels, and various skin care creams that have international certifications and standards such as ISO, CE, GMP, etc. The official representative of Dermaline in the mentioned countries is only Javid Trading Company.

DERMALINE Brand Representation:

With its experience in commerce and extensive research, Javid Trading Company has successfully selected the best company in terms of quality and service for beauty and skincare products from South Korea. Currently, it holds exclusive representation of DERMAVLINE threads in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Iraq.

Representation of the KETRIS Brand:

Javid Trading Company is also the exclusive representative of KETRIS threads, which are the only lifting threads in the world with PDRN and Vitamin C properties. While regular lifting threads only have a lifting effect and collagen production, KETRIS threads can not only lift but also promote collagen synthesis, resulting in skin regeneration, increased elasticity, whitening of the skin with outstanding antioxidant effects, and increased skin firmness. Therefore, this product is very popular among doctors.

Representation of the MIEUFIL Brand:

Javid Trading Company is the official representative of MIEUFIL products. MIEUFIL fillers come in three types: soft, mild, and hard, with various applications such as improving superficial wrinkles and folds, tightening the skin under the eyes, natural volumizer for mid-level wrinkles and folds, lip augmentation, deep wrinkles and folds, natural contouring, and Russian lips. (EU CE certification)

Representation of the liftking Brand:

Another exclusive representation of Javid Trading Company is the liftking thread brand. This product has been able to achieve a special place among beauty enthusiasts and valued customers with its high diversity and quality.

The goal of Javid Trading Holding is to gain satisfaction and provide products with the best quality and services for our dear customers.


Expanding imports and exports and providing diverse services and products in Iran, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Spain, as well as opening new branches in different countries for better supervision over the purchase, transportation, and distribution of all products offered by this company, we aim to achieve the utmost satisfaction of our dear customers by providing better and more complete services.